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Such a great game! Talk to him is the only mission and the great mission. You have no idea how to talk to him, just try again and again and again. I can see the approach the game designer is making. The last song is great as well. Just wondering why did you use that classic bgm during the gameplay?

Glad to know you like this tiny game. I used a classic BGM during the gameplay to make the game feel more like a traditional RPG. And I hope that will make the reactions of the NPC more untraditional for the player.

LOL. It's so funny! GJ!


… Uh, you realize this game is basically "corner the Autistic kid and make him very,  very uncomfortable", right? If someone backed me into a corner, I'd straight up panic.

So, uh, questionable job understanding Autism there.

Yeah, I saw a gameplay video in the comments and it made me so uncomfortable. I'm not even Autistic myself but I absolutely hate being forced to interact with people, what even. :/// I don't know what the author was going for but it looks bad. 

(1 edit) this game is so much fun keep it up i hope u enjoy my gameplay 


This was a fun game with deep thouths inside good job!